Frequently asked questions

Can I train with Zoe in person?

To discuss in-person training with Zoe or buying packs of training sessions please contact her directly through the website.

Do I need workout equipment to book an online session with Zoe?

No. A TRX/ weights/ resistance bands are great tools for working out at home, but Zoe will work with whatever you have or haven't got available.

How will I receive Training for Two?

Training for Two is a downloadable pdf which you will receive in an email after purchasing.

I have questions about Training for Two, how can I get answers to them?

Please reach out to Zoe directly through the website, she will be happy to hear from you and to answer your questions!

Is Training for Two relevant for non-pregnant women?

Absolutely! The majority of the guide focuses on building a strong core and re-training your breath - which we should ALL should be able to do well whether we are male, female, pregnant or not, young or old. These are foundations of a healthy body for anyone, no matter who or what they are.

I am not yet pregnant but plan to be one day, when should I read Training for Two?

Straight away! The sooner you can learn about and digest the principles of a strong core and healthy breathing patterns which are discussed in the guide, the sooner you can start to apply them to your daily life and your workouts. But this takes time, it involves breaking old habits and creating new, healthier ones. The further along this road you are when you become pregnant, the more of an advantage you set yourself up at for reducing your likelihood of core and pelvic floor dysfunction.

I don't workout, is Training for Two still relevant for me?

Definitely! There is only one out of the 6 chapters which specifically talks about exercise. The other chapters will help you understand more about what happens to your body during pregnancy, and how to best protect it as you go about your daily life. It is not just in the gym where our behaviours and tendencies can have significant knock-on effects to our bodies.

I want to purchase Training for Two as a gift for someone, can Zoe include a personalised message for the recipient?

Yes! Please contact Zoe directly through the website to organise this.

I am pregnant but not for the first time, is Training for Two still relevant to me?

Yes. The more pregnancies you have the more you are at risk of core and pelvic floor dysfunction, so the more important it is that you have a greater awareness of your body and how to best protect it during this time.


© photo by Simon Clark

© photo by Simon Clark