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zoe shelley



© photo by Simon Clark



Personal training was something I had never considered as a career until I stumbled into Crossfit. Previously I graduated with a BSc in Chemistry at Imperial College London, and after that went to work in the IT industry for several years, gaining a place on the IBM graduate programme - a 'proper job' as I saw it at the time, although one which left me deeply unmotivated and with little excitement for my professional future.


In 2014, without looking back, I relinquished my corporate attire and became a freelance personal trainer in central London. Over the years I mastered different training techniques including TRX, kettlebells and reformer pilates; I qualified as a Level 1 Crossfit Trainer, an Ante- and Postnatal Fitness Instructor, and a 200 hour yoga teacher, and I began to help people change their lives.

My life as a personal trainer opened doors I never would have imagined walking through. I trained clients for Bodyism at their flagship gym in London and in Capri. I did fitness modelling for Adidas and Asics across the world. And most unexpected of all, I got cast as an Amazon in the 2017 Wonder Woman film, spending 6 months learning martial arts, and training under the guidance of some of the most renowned trainers in the world from Gym Jones (the same guys who trained the Spartans in the film 300).

Then I became pregnant. And I began to dig deeper into the world of the pregnant and postpartum body - an area of women’s health that is, at least in the fitness world, not well understood at all. There are niche groups of people doing amazing work to build its profile - doctors, physios, coaches - and many of them have been my teachers. But as far as mainstream knowledge of it goes, it’s patchy at best. Digging down rabbit holes for more information and more answers motivated me to write my pregnancy guide - Training for Two, which includes fundamental information that most women don’t know they need to know about their pregnant and postpartum body!

Relevant Qualifications: Pregnant & Postpartum Athleticism Coach w/Brianna Battles, Antenatal & Postnatal Fitness Instructor Level 3 UK award in pre and post natal exercise, Level 3 Personal Trainer, Crossfit Level 1, Qualified Kettlebell Instructor, 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher.

I believe in constant ongoing education and am currently working towards:
Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist w/Dr. Sarah Duvall


"Training for Two is quite the monumental and important project. It truly has been a labour of love. I have no doubt that this will have a big impact on a lot of women."

Dr. David millar
Family physician
exec director & medical lead, Monarch centre

“Zoe has always been incredibly inspiring and passionate with her work, she has a unique talent of coaching her clients powerfully and efficiently and always makes you achieve the impossible!

Melina kalofonou
research fellow in cancer technology

© photo by Simon Clark

"If I had had Training for Two in my first pregnancy it would have changed the game!"

Roxanne rajcoomar-hadden
Creative director RRH jewellery
Samira jamalian
modeling & Simulation scientist
san francisco

"Zoe's training encouraged me to love the process and the hard work required to achieve my goals, this mindset has made my fitness journey significantly more enjoyable and rewarding."

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